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Automatically Syncing your GPS Watch to Strava

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Did you get a new GPS watch over the holidays and wonder how you could automatically link your data to your Strava account without having to manually enter it?  Are you tired of importing and exporting GPX, TCX, and FIT files? Did you even know that it was possible to automatically upload your data to Strava?

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2015 Running Year In Review

2015 Year In Review

I always enjoy looking back at my year of running on the last day of the year and seeing what I accomplished (or didn’t), seeing if I met my goals, and just re-living some of my running memories (highs and lows) as I review my log data.  

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8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Strava

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Most of us are familiar with Strava as a tool to track our activities and the fastest of us can claim bragging rights for KOMs, QOMs, and CRs but did you know for the rest of us, there are some pretty cool features you may not even know exist?

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Automatically Syncing Garmin Connect

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One of the best uses of a GPS watch is the ability to keep an accurate workout log online with minimal effort. For Garmin users, the online portal that you sync your device with is Garmin Connect. For Suunto users, the online portal that you sync your device with is Movescount. Other brands have their own respective portals, but I’m only going to focus on these two for now since they are the dominant brands in the space.

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