Automatically Syncing your GPS Watch to Strava

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Did you get a new GPS watch over the holidays and wonder how you could automatically link your data to your Strava account without having to manually enter it?  Are you tired of importing and exporting GPX, TCX, and FIT files? Did you even know that it was possible to automatically upload your data to Strava?

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Strava is a great tool for tracking your activities, but most people won’t use it regularly if some manual effort is involved.  Fortunately, Strava and the GPS watch manufacturers have been working hard to automatically link their platforms together so that it’s no longer necessary to manually upload your activities to Strava from your watch and platform of choice.

Here is a list of the popular GPS watch brands and how to link them to your existing (or new) Strava account.  Click the appropriate link below, follow the steps, and go for a run.  Your data will automatically upload to Strava before you can finish off that first post-run pint!

If you’ve already set up automatic syncing, and you are looking for other things you can do with Strava, check out 8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Strava

Are you using Strava already?  Have you already linked it up with your watch?  Let me know if I missed any brands in the comments below.

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    1. Jérôme,

      The issue exists on the backend. Epson acknowledged the issue on Jan 18, 2019 and said they are currently working to resolve the issue. You can login to your Epson Runsense View console and see the notifications to keep up to date on the issue. In the meantime, you can manually download the GPX file from Epson Runsense View and import to Strava.


  1. Thank you for your answer I’ll do to manually.
    But I cannot find where to follow up the issue on the epson runsense view?

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