Trail Shoes Cushion and Drop

Altra King MT
Altra King MT

A searchable index of many popular trail running shoes and their heel height, toe height (generally referred to as stack height – or amount of cushioning), and the corresponding drop.  This table is useful for comparing different shoes you may be looking at purchasing.

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Updated Oct 17, 2017 – Added Skechers, Under Armour, Pearl Izumi
Updated Oct 13, 2017 – Added On Running, Carson
Updated Oct 12, 2017 – Added La Sportiva, Newton, Salming

Coming soon – adidas, Vivo, Merrell

Only the newest available models at time of publication are included in this list. If I missed any brands or models, made any mistakes, or you have some missing information to fill in, please let me know in the comments below.

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BrandModelHeel (mm)Toe (mm)Drop (mm)
AltraKing MT19190
AltraSuperior 3.021210
AltraLone Peak 3.525250
AltraOlympus 2.536360
ASICSGEL-Kahana 8291910
ASICSGEL-Venture 5312110
ASICSGEL-Venture 6201010
ASICSGEL-Scram 310
ASICSGEL-Fujitrabuco 618108
ASICSGEL-Sonoma 3201010
ASICSGEL-FujiRunnigade 21156
ASICSGEL-FujiAttack 5201010
ASICSGT-2000 5 Trail221210
BrooksCascadia 12271710
BrooksCascadia 12 GTX271710
BrooksCascadia 11 GTX271710
BrooksPureGrit 521174
BrooksPureGrit 621174
BrooksAdrenaline ASR 13311912
BrooksAdrenaline ASR 14301812
BrooksGhost 10 GTX301812
CarsonAll Models15150
HokaChallenger ATR 331265
HokaSpeedgoat 23227.54.5
HokaSpeed Instinct 225223
HokaMafate Speed 236306
HokaStinson ATR 439345
Inov8Roclite 29017.513.54
Inov8Roclite 30522.514.58
Inov8Trailroc 27015.511.54
Inov8Trailroc 28521.513.58
Inov8X-Talon 20018153
Inov8X-Talon 21222166
Inov8X-Talon 22519.515.54
Inov8Trailtalon 25017.513.54
Inov8Trailtalon 27525.517.58
Inov8Parkclaw 27524.516.58
Inov8Parkclaw 275 GTX24.516.58
Inov8X-Claw 27525.517.58
Inov8Mudclaw 30022166
La SportivaBushido25196
La SportivaUragano GTX241410
La SportivaAkasha26206
La SportivaMutant241410
La SportivaAkyra GTX25169
La SportivaTempesta GTX241410
La SportivaCrossover 2.0 GTX241410
La SportivaWildcat291712
La SportivaWildcat 2.0 GTX271512
La SportivaUltra Raptor28199
La SportivaUltra Raptor GTX271512
La SportivaHelios SR20182
La SportivaHelios 2.019154
La SportivaAkyra25169
New BalanceLeadville 38
New Balance910v3 Trail8
New Balance910v3 Trail GTX8
New Balance910v4 Trail8
New Balance910v4 Trail GTX8
New BalanceFresh Foam Gobi Trail v26
New BalanceVazee Summit Trail v210
New BalanceFresh Foam Gobi Trail6
New BalanceFresh Foam Hierro v24
New BalanceMinimus 10 v1 Trail4
New Balance690v2 Trail8
New Balance510v3 Trail12
NewtonBoco SOL23203
NewtonBoco AT II28253
NikeWildhorse 428208
NikeTerra Kiger 424204
On RunningCloudventure25196
On RunningCloudventure Waterproof25196
On RunningCloudventure Peak25196
On RunningCloudventure Midtop25196
Pearl IzumiN1 v222175
Pearl IzumiN2 v227198
Pearl IzumiN331238
SalmingTrail 524.519.55
SalmingTrail T320155
SalomonSense Marin23176
SalomonSense Pro 223176
SalomonSense Pro Max30246
SalomonS-Lab Sense Ultra26188
SalomonS-Lab Sense 6 SG20164
SalomonS-Lab Sense 618144
SalomonWings Flyte 2271710
SalomonWings Flyte 2 GTX281810
SalomonWings Pro 2271710
SalomonSpeedcross Vario291910
SalomonSpeedcross 4302010
SalomonSpeedcross 4 CS302010
SalomonSpeedcross 4 GTX302010
SalomonSpeedcross Pro302010
SalomonS-Lab Wings 8 SG29209
SalomonS-Lab Wings 827189
SalomonS-Lab Speedcross26188
SalomonXA Pro 3D M+211011
SalomonXA Pro 3D211011
SalomonXA Pro 3D CS WP211110
SalomonXA Pro 3D GTX211110
SalomonXA Enduro19109
SalomonS-Lab XA Amphib18144
SalomonS-Lab XA Alpine22166
SauconyXodus ISO 224.520.54
SauconyExcursion TR11291712
SauconyKoa TR22184
SauconyKoa ST22184
SauconyCaliber TR24.516.58
SauconyPeregrine 721.517.54
SauconyCohesion TR10291712
SauconyPeregrine Ice+21.517.54
SauconyRazor Ice+24204
SkechersGotrail Ultra 436324
Under ArmourHorizon RTT7
Under ArmourHorizon STR7
Under ArmourHorizon KTV7
Under ArmourSpeed Tire Ascent Low22175
Under ArmourSpeed Tire Ascent Mid22175
Under ArmourFat Tire 233258

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