Using your Coros watch with your Peloton

Peloton bikes are a fun way to cross train if you are a runner like me even if you can’t afford one. More and more hotels have them in their gyms free for guests to use (you can use the hotel finder to locate them) or you may have a friend who owns one and let’s you ride it from time to time. The Peloton won’t capture your heart rate on it’s own however, and I don’t typically travel with an external heart rate monitor just in case I run across a Peloton. Fortunately, it turns out the Coros watches have a feature called Broadcast Heart Rate that can work with Peloton bikes (and treadmills) and allow you to transmit your heart rate to the Peloton and capture all the data for your workout as one activity. I’ll cover the steps necessary to make that happen.

In order for this to work, you need to meet a few prerequisites

  1. Coros watch
  2. Peloton account (even if you don’t own a Peloton or a digital subscription, you can set up a free account)
  3. Strava account (not mandatory, but why capture the data if you aren’t going to store it with all the rest of your data?!)

Pre Workout – Turn on Broadcast Heart Rate

  1. Press and hold the bottom button until the menu pops up
  2. Scroll to and select System
  3. Scroll to and select Sensors
  4. Scroll to and select Optical Heart Rate
  5. Scroll to and select Broadcast Heart Rate


  1. Start your desired Peloton class
  2. When you start a class on the peloton you’ll see a window pop up showing your Bluetooth headphone connection and HR monitor connection.
  3. Click the HR monitor option and if your watch is broadcasting it will show up on the list.
  4. Just select it and then close the window. 

Post Workout

  1. Sync to Strava – If you’ve already set this up previously, it will happen automatically.
  2. On your Coros, exit back to the main screen by pressing the bottom button and then pressing the dial to confirm that you want to stop broadcasting heart rate.

Once this is all done, you should now see your complete activity in Strava inclusive of your heart rate data courtesy of your Coros watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since I didn’t track the ride on my watch, is there a way to export the activity from Strava and import it in to my Coros app?

Unfortunately this is not possible today. Peloton rides synced to Strava don’t have an export option in Strava and the Peloton dashboard only lets you download a CSV summary of all your workouts. To make things more complicated, you would need the ride in FIT file format in order to upload back to Coros since that’s the only format they support for importing activities currently.

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