Using your Coros watch with your Peloton

Peloton bikes are a fun way to cross train if you are a runner like me even if you can’t afford one. More and more hotels have them in their gyms free for guests to use (you can use the hotel finder to locate them) or you may have a friend who owns one and let’s you ride it from time to time. The Peloton won’t capture your heart rate on it’s own however, and I don’t typically travel with an external heart rate monitor just in case I run across a Peloton. Fortunately, it turns out the Coros watches have a feature called Broadcast Heart Rate that can work with Peloton bikes (and treadmills) and allow you to transmit your heart rate to the Peloton and capture all the data for your workout as one activity. I’ll cover the steps necessary to make that happen.

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Coros Watch (Pace/Apex/Apex Pro/Vertix) FAQs

This is a collection of questions and answers i’ve received or run across in various Facebook groups and decided to write it all here once instead of having to re-type this every time the same or similar question comes up. I do own a Coros Apex 46mm, and it’s the best GPS watch i’ve ever owned. That being said, it’s important to mention that I am not at all affiliated with Coros, I don’t work for Coros, and Coros does not pay me for anything. I just got tired of repeating myself and thought this would be a more efficient way to answer questions.

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Best GPS Watch for Ultrarunning (2018 edition)

Garmin Fenix 5 Watch Family
Garmin Fenix 5 Family

Updated: June 30, 2018

As a follow up to my previous article, Best GPS Watch for Ultrarunning, here is an updated version with the latest and greatest watches. There are more options than there are days in the year, and every month it seems like a new watch is released to the market. My goal with this post is to help narrow down the dizzying amount of choices, with a specific focus on ultra running.  This is not a comprehensive list of all GPS watches out there, and there may be watches that aren’t on my list for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Continue reading “Best GPS Watch for Ultrarunning (2018 edition)”

Product Review – Altra Escalante

Altra Escalante
Altra Escalante

Product Review – Altra Escalante

The Altra Escalante is the first Altra using the new Altra Ego™ midsole cushioning material which claims to offer outstanding rebound, light weight, and superior comfort.  It is also the first Altra with a knit upper.  After being disappointed with the Altra Torin 2.5, and lacking a good medium-cushioned road shoe since my previous favorite pair had too many miles on them, the Altra Torin 2.0, I was really excited to try out the new Altra Escalante.

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Product Review – Altra Lone Peak 3.0

Altra Lone Peak 3.0
Altra Lone Peak 3.0

Product Review – Altra Lone Peak 3.0

The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 is the 5th generation of the Lone Peak shoe (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0) and the fourth generation that I have owned.  The Lone Peak 1.5 was actually my very first pair of Altra shoes, and I’ve been running in zero drop shoes ever since.  I was really looking forward to trying these shoes out!

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Product Review – Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband

Mio Link
Photo credit: Mio Global

I’d been eyeing the Mio Link Optical Heart Rate Monitor for a few months having seen the Mio technology (which was developed in conjunction with Philips) slowly show up directly integrated in to more and more watches like the Garmin Forerunner 225 and TomTom Cardio, so about 6 months ago I decided to pull the trigger and order one.

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Product Review – Altra Lone Peak Neoshell

Altra Lone Peak Neoshell
Altra Lone Peak Neoshell (Photo Credit: Altra)

The Lone Peak Neoshell is Altra’s winter specific shoe, and is based on the popular Lone Peak 2.0. While they may both be zero drop, have the same foot shaped toe box, look (mostly) identical, be built on the same last, and share the same name; the Neoshell is distinctly different thanks to a partnership with Polartec. The Neoshell upper is built from a proprietary material provided by Polartec that makes the Neoshell waterproof. Continue reading “Product Review – Altra Lone Peak Neoshell”