Winter Running Tips


Now that sweatcicle season is upon us, it seems like the appropriate time to share some tips for running outside in the winter. The treadmill may sound much more appealing than being outside in sub-zero temperatures, and sometimes it is. However, running outside in the winter can be enjoyable if done properly. After a few years of winter running in Utah (thanks to perpetually signing up for spring races), I’ve learned a few things I thought were worth sharing.

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10 Tips for Running on a Business Trip

Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Harbor Bridge

Working for a global company, I’m often on the road for work.  In a typical year, I travel 100,000 – 150,000 miles a year by plane all over the world which makes it tough to stick to a training schedule. I always recommend traveling with your running gear because you never know when you may be able to squeeze in an unplanned run.  Since I spend so much time on airplanes and in airports away from my home trails in unfamiliar cities and towns, I’ve come up with these 10 tips which help me run when I’m on the road.

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