Volunteering at Western States 2017

Western States Trail Marker
Western States Trail Marker


I had the opportunity to volunteer at Western States in 2017 at the Peachstone (Cal-2) aid station which sits at mile 70.7 along the Western States trail in the Foresthill Divide, east of Auburn, deep in the canyon near the American River.  I’m told this year had the highest number of DNFs and the slowest female winning time largely due to the oppressive heat and humidity throughout the race, and the snow and mud conditions in the first miles of the race.  This is my story from this years race.

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Gorge Waterfalls 100k Race Report

In front of Wahkena Falls

Late last year, some friends in one of my local running groups, Wasatch Mountain Wranglers, signed up for the Rainshadow Running Gorge Waterfalls 100k and posted in our Facebook group.  Caught up in the subsequent fervor, and with my eye on wanting to qualify for Western States, I jumped at the chance and signed up!  The race ended up selling out in less than a day, so I’m really glad I made the decision before it was too late.

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My First Time: The Accidental Marathon

Ogden Marathon 2015
Ogden Marathon 2015

I’m currently training for my third ultra, the Squaw Peak 50, on June 6, 2015 and my training plan called for 26 miles yesterday. I’ve never actually had any interest in running a marathon (even though I’ve run many half-marathons and a couple ultras) as I never really felt like pushing myself full speed for about 4 hours, and I’m not a huge fan of pavement/asphalt running.

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