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Welcome to my personal index of trail runs in and around Salt Lake City and Park City. I’ve organized these generally by location and included approximate distance for your reference.  Currently these link to Strava routes I’ve run, but my goal is to replace them with more detailed descriptions including turn-by-turn directions where appropriate with pictures.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please comment below or contact me via email.

Salt Lake City

Millcreek Canyon

Dog Lake ~ 6 miles
Grandeur from Church Fork ~6 miles
Pipeline Trail ~10 miles
Dog Lake/Desolation Lake/Crest Loop via Old Red Pine Rd ~ 11 miles
Dog Lake/Desolation Lake/Crest Loop via Great Western ~ 13.5 miles

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon/Temple Quarry Trail ~7 miles

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Mill D to Desolation Lake ~8 miles
Butler Fork to Gobbler’s Knob ~8 miles
Wasatch Crest to Mill D from Guardsman Pass
 ~ 10 miles
Wasatch Crest to Mill D from Scott’s ~11 miles
Wasatch Crest Out and Back from Guardsman Pass ~12 miles
Wasatch Crest to Millcreek from Guardsman Pass ~13 miles

Parley’s Canyon

Mormon Pioneer Trail to Big Mountain Pass and back ~7 miles
Mormon Pioneer Trail to Mormon Flat and back ~ 16 miles

Corner Canyon

All of these routes originate from the Coyote Hollow trailhead, which is located directly behind the Draper Temple.

Clark’s – Canyon Hollow Loop ~4 miles
Clark’s – Ann’s Loop ~5 miles
Ann’s – Canyon Hollow Loop ~6 miles
BST North out and back ~6 miles (8 mile option)
BST – Ann’s – BST Loop ~8 miles

Park City

Armstrong – HAM – Spiro Loop ~6 miles
Pinebrook Trails from Park City Running Company ~7 miles
Summit Park to Park City Running Company ~ 7 miles
Deer Valley to PCMR via Mid-Mountain and Spiro (All Time Favorite) ~11 miles
Jenni’s – Mid-Mountain – Spiro Loop ~12 miles
Deer Valley to PCMR via Mid-Mountain and Armstrong ~ 14 miles


Mueller Park ~ 7 miles
Antelope Island (Buffalo Run 25k/50k route) ~16 miles (32 miles)
The Wedge (San Rafael Swell) ~ 22 miles

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  1. Thank you so much for this list. When I click on the trail name (hyperlink) it takes me to your Strava page but I can’t find the maps of your run on there. I don’t use Strava much but I thought I could see the route or am I incorrect about that? If it is on Strava, could you provide instructions for how to access the routes? If not on Strava, any suggestions of how to find the routes?


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